About Us

“It is no longer enough to report
the truth factually. It is now necessary
to report the truth about the fact.”
-Hutchins Commission on Journalism

“Keep it real.”
-Tupac Shakur

The Truth About the Fact: A Journal of Literary Nonfiction is an international journal committed to the idea that excellence in the art of letters can play a vital role in transforming the planet we share. The individual truth (the lower case version) when artistically rendered in print has the potential to intellectually and emotionally engage readers with just enough power to make one consider the perspective of The Other. With just enough power to make a human being listen to another human being. No small enterprise in a world increasingly dedicated to opening wounds instead of ears.

We’re interested in publishing true stories well told. Artful narratives that offer some insight into the human condition. While keeping us enraptured during the process of the telling.

We believe in the individual truth because we know, when taken collectively, it represents the human experience. The Truth About the Fact wants you to help us articulate the human experience with your art. Let’s talk. Listen.

To read a history of The Truth About the Fact, click here.


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